1st half of 2017 – Heart and Harnesses including Heartbreak Hotel, Anniversary Bar Night, and Sash Bash.


2nd half of 2016 – Dawg Days, Leatherfest, Mr Leather Contest, Rangers Trivia Contest, Yule Party, Christmas Party, A night to remember, A visit to Weathervane, A Banner Year, and Akron Social Outing.

1st half of 2016 – Anniversary Dinner, Heart and Harnesses, Conductors, Anniversary Bar Night, Mr. Mineshaft Leather Contest, CLAW 16, GLLA Ohio, GLLA Ohio Community Service Award, Sash Bash, and Social outing to see Spamalot featuring Rangers Jeff Bixby and Cody Feucht.


2nd half of 2015 – Letter from Rick Cordaro, Dawg Days 2015, MACC Meeting, GLLA Weekend, Iron Eagles Run Report, Onyx, Leatherfest, Chicago Field Trip to Leather Archives and Museum.

1st half of 2015 – Hearts and Harnesses, Anniversary Bar Night, CLAW 15, GLLA, Candlelight Vigil, Columbus Pride, Sash Bash, and Cleveland Pride.


2nd half of 2014 – Message From President Jeff Bixby, Dawg Days 2014, Great Lakes Leather Alliance, Tri-State Leather, Haunted House, Christmas Party, and more!

1st half of 2014 – Rangers 25th Anniversary Dinner, Hearts and Harnesses, Anniversary Bar Night, MACC, SIRs and Boys Night, and more!


Fall 2009 – Claw Celebrates 8 years, Bondage and Discipline Bar Night, Spring into Leather with the Rangers, “Bare as you Dare” Another Success

Spring 2009 – The Rangers Celebrate 20 Years, Hearts and Harnesses Bar Night, Message from the President, ClawNation Party 2009, Leatherbowl 2009


2008 Annual – Letter from the President, Welcome Ranger Chris as our new Treasurer, Rangers 19th Anniversary Bar Night, NAIL/Rangers Joint Bar Nights, All Club Picnic 2008, Boots and Briefs at Adam’s Street, Iron EAgles Run 2008 – A Decade of Decadence,Panther Prowl XX – Fall 2008 MACC Meeting, An Open Letter From Mr Pittsburgh Eagle Leather 2009, LeatherFest – November 2008


Spring 2007 – President’s Report, The Rise of the Phoenix, Rangers’ Hearts & Harnesses Continues!, Newly-Elected Officers and Committee Chairs

Summer 2007 – President’s Report “Pride in America, All-Club Bar Night a Blast, Rangers at C.L.A.W., Muchachos! Muchachas! es “Cinco De Mayo!”, Mr. Leather Akron 2007, Northeast Ohio All-Club Picnic

Autumn/Winter 2007 – President’s Report, The Times they are a Changin’ – Boots’n’briefs at Adam’s St., Mr. Daddy’s 2008, The Iron Eagles did it Again! Mr. Ohio Leather 2008, Halloween Haunted House, Leatherfest 2007, The Rangers and Iron Eagles Hold a Joint Christmas Party