The Rangers

In the fall of 1988, five friends joined together to form a club of people call Rangers, Inc., whose interest was in Leather, Levi's and Uniforms.

The goals of the charter members were as follows: to promote the leather/uniform spirit, to support the needs of the larger community and the charitable organizations that help fulfil those needs, and to strengthen the leather/uniform community of Northeast Ohio.

The Rangers' logo (club patch) has five stars, representing the five founding members. The colors are registered with the State of Ohio as a Service Mark. The club is chartered with the State of Ohio as a tax exempt social club (501-c-7).

As part of the uniform scene, the Rangers were affiliated with the A.U.A. This affiliation remained until the A.U.A became defunct. The Rangers held the Annual A.U.A. Review in 1996. This review brought people from all over the world including visitors from Germany, England, and the Netherlands. Since the A.U.A. is no longer active, the Rangers replaced their old "Park Ranger" uniforms with new ones reflecting the leather aspect of the club.

The rangers have participated in and held runs as part of the M.A.C.C. (Mid-American Conference of Clubs). Many Rangers have also traveled to other cities for their club's runs. Some of the runs that the Rangers support include: The Centurions of Columbus, Panthers of Atlanta, Gateway MC of S. Louis, Conductors of Nashville, and Pittsburgh MC of Pittsburgh. Club participation awards have been bestowed upon the Rangers by some of the aforementioned clubs.

The Rangers have established excellent working relations with other clubs of Northeast Ohio. All of the clubs continue to work to coordinate their event calendars. The purpose of this coordination is to further support each other by being able to attend each other's events.

The members of the Rangers remain committed to their stated goals, as reflected in their current events calendar.

Upcoming events

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